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Every moment spent on designing a building before construction saves time, materials and money later in the building process and does not compromise the best outcome.
Our engineers are experts who are focused on the quality of the end result. Thoughtful design ensures a smoother construction process for the client and helps to mitigate risks. Together we will find the best solution.


We are experienced creators of concrete, steel and timber structures, always with the customer in mind. Our aim is to provide a service and products that are precisely tailored to the needs of the project.

  • 01 Consultations and expertise related to building structures
  • 02 Hoonete konstruktsioonide projekteerimine alates eelprojektist kuni tööprojektini
  • 03 Teras- ja raudbetoonelementide tootejooniste projekteerimine



With over 600 projects under our belt, we feel confident in our work, creating buildings of all sizes and functions, from public to industrial.
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Päevalille apartment building

Päevalille tn. 19, Tallinn
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Ryenstubben 10, 0679 Oslo, Norway
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Mardi tn. Korterelamud

Mardi tn. 4, Tallinn
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Rosersbergs Postterminal

Stålgatan 9A, 195 72 Rosersberg, Sweden
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Ehitajate tee 68a

Tallinn, Estonia
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